LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary 2008 English<->Persian (Farsi) for Windows

LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary 2008 English<->Persian (Farsi) for Windows 4.1

Translate words in English and Persian, get synonyms and hear them pronounced!
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LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary 2008 English <<0>> Persian for Windows is one portion of a whole language learning and translation tool for the computer. That whole tool we are making reference to is the LingvoSoft Dictionary 2008. Each portion works with two languages at a time, although if you wish you can acquire the whole tool. When the dictionary is installed on your desktop or laptop PC it translates words from one language to the other in the direction you choose. LingvoSoft Dictionary 2008 for Windows is completely integrated with LingvoSoft FlashCards and LingvoSoft PhraseBook, additional language resources and applications created by the same developer. You will be able to simply choose and export words from the dictionary to the FlashCards database or find phrases containing the word in PhraseBook.
As its name indicates, this is a talking dictionary. This means that will be hearing the correct pronunciation of words, pronounced by native and expert speakers of the given language. This great feature is available on the toolbar located on the top of the window so it won’t take time or effort to get the pronunciation at any time. The trial version, available to download for free from the developer’s site on Internet, comes with no time-to-use limitation. If you are asking yourself what’s the deal, here’s the answer. The trial has a functional limitation. The amount of words available to translate and hear is restricted to the 10% of the full database.
If at any moment you decide to purchase the software you only need to register it since the installer you download and install will work just fine once is validated. The fastest way to register your copy is from the registration dialog that shows up every time you run the trial version. If you are still evaluating the application just hit the “Register later” button on the dialog window to skip the registration.
Regarding system requirements here is a list of them for you to evaluate the compliance of your current system to run this software:
• Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
• 16 MB of free space on the hard disk
• at least 64 MB of system memory
• sound card
Besides the requirements listed above, keep in mind that the dictionary requires your system to have support for the languages included in the dictionary to operate correctly. If your system doesn’t have support for both languages the program could run with errors. To avoid any possibility of that happen, check your system for language support before installing LingvoSoft Dictionary. If your system doesn’t support any language you can click on Regional Options from your Control Panel to install the missing languages. It will take only a few minutes from your time but it will save you more than one headache.
The Basic Function Toolbar is destined for quick call of basic functions of the dictionary and to operate the Input Line. It includes a number of buttons with specific functions assigned to them.
- Translation direction: changes the direction for translation.
- Say: use to listen to the pronunciation of the selected word.
- Add word: use to add the highlighted word to the User Dictionary.
- Word for word translation: Use to translate text word by word.
- Synonyms: opens the window with synonyms for the current word.
- POFS filter: opens the POFS filter window.
- Increase letter size: increases letter size in Input Line, List of Entries and in the Window for Articles.
- Decrease letter size: decreases letter size in Input Line, Wordlist and in the Window for Articles.
- Help: opens product Help.
You will be able to purchase this software from the LingvoSoft site on the Internet at the affordable price of $ 49.95. Remember that you can test it before for as long as you wish, with the database restriction commented earlier.

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